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5 STEPS for surviving to thriving in Business

Business can be a tough gig and not for the faint hearted. Balancing cash flow, clients, staff and your own sanity can be a juggling act at best. How do some businesses cut through all of that and go from surviving to thriving?



The last places of poor service


I believe that most businesses do not set out to give poor service, it just develops from poor culture and / or poor leadership. However there are a couple of places where the customer seems to still be taken for granted. These are places that we need to use and these businesses know that. So let me tell you about one...

.

What Makes a Good Leader Great?

There are many attributes and character traits that lend themselves well to leadership. There are different leadership styles that are effective. There are only a few abilities that set great leaders apart from the pack, and stand them out as truly inspirational and creative.

One of these is the ability to ‘lead with a servant’s heart’.  This means the ability to innovate, process, respond, act and behave with the organisations people, mission, vision and values at the forefront. This is easier said than done.


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