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  • Kim Bingham

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    Managing Director of S3 Kim Bingham set out 10 years ago with the intention to make a positive difference in the community. Kim is passionate, dedicated and committed to uplifting others and helping individuals and businesses flourish.

    Kim built S3 based on the core services of recruitment and labour hire and expanded to further add value through the provision of business solutions delivered by specialist in their areas of expertise. Her realms of expertise and passions are sales, customer service, HR and leadership. Throughout her career she has accrued extensive practical experience across these areas and is able to subsequently share her experiences and learning with others.

    Kim is a keen student of personal development and has spent several years studying management, coaching, motivation, human/organisation behaviour, positive psychology and communication techniques. Throughout her comprehensive understanding of human behaviours Kim is able to connect with people at a deep level to understand their unique strengths and drivers and offer them self-awareness and insight to perform at their potential.

    Kim is an excellent listener who gives people her complete presence and attention. In doing so, she is able to resonate with others to understand their needs and to offer support, clarity and strategies to help them thrive across all areas of their life.

    She has a natural ability to inspire and motivate others. Everyone who meets Kim is struck by her passion, enthusiasm, bubbly personality and contagious positivity. She has a zest for life and a passionate desire to uplift others and make a real difference.

    Kim is certified in PRISM Behavioural Profiling, Business Management, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Tourism and Training & Assessment.

  • Lee Brown

    Lee Brown edit

    Lee Brown is the Managing Director of S3 Employment, overseeing Labour Hire, Temp and Permanent Placements.

    10 years ago Lee stepped into the world of Recruitment initially not knowing if he was made for the Industry and he had what it would take to make it. Soon discovering he had a flair for business and a passion to help people he moved into account management and oversaw numerous large contracts in a variety of different industries; both blue and white collar.

    Having dealt with large unionised sites and high volume recruits, right through to locally owned sole traders; Lee understands that placing candidates within organisations is more than just matching the skill set to the position description, but the cultural fit, behavioural preferences and personality type for both parties is paramount to a successful placement.

    A few years on and capitalising on Australia’s mining boom, Lee obtained a job as a FIFO worker and was thrown in the deep end.  When the site manager resigned Lee found himself with the unenviable task of running the site on a $20 million + job, something he had no prior experience in.  He certainly swam and there was no sinking! After achieving all he desired within the mining industry, Lee decided it was time to stop working away and return to the place that he loves to spend his time; the surf coast. With a passion for surfing and the outdoors Lee began to look for opportunities to move back to Torquay.

    It wasn’t before too long that the opportunity arose for Lee to become a partner within the S3 Group. “Not only did I feel that it was a good business opportunity and that it would allow me to move home with my wife; but I felt that S3 would enable me to get acquainted with many local businesses and step into the world of commerce that excites me and allows me to utilise my entrepreneurial skillset.  My values and vision also align with S3’s, hence the decision to come on board the S3 team.

    Lee aims to bring his unique skill set and knowledge to assist both new and existing S3 candidates and clients to set, aim and achieve their goals no matter how large or small.  He says, “helping individuals and businesses flourish is what we love and do best and I am excited about the direction in which we are heading” 

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