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Ad Hoc Mentoring

  • Are you a registered member of Small Business Smart Business? If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place! S3 can provide you with an opportunity to have one on one mentoring sessions with experts in their fields. The Ad Hoc nature of this Small Business Smart Business Program allows you to call upon the mentors whenever you require assistance and receive quality advance and support.

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  • Melanie Kearsey

    Melanie Kearsey is an HR Professional, Certified Professional Coach, NLP Practitioner and Qualified Trainer. Melanie has over 15 years of HR experience in both multinational and small to medium organisations.  

    Her background in Human Resources, People Development and Performance Management provided her with exposure to the field of motivational psychology and she was always fascinated by what made people tick. Melanie also felt driven by a desire to help people see their potential and truly flourish.

    As a coach Melanie helps facilitate personal change, expansion and foster a sense of empowerment for her clients. When training with clients her aim is to create a bridge to understanding and shifts in personal awareness.      

    As an S3 Trainer and Coach, specialising in career and coaching services for individuals and businesses, Melanie helps facilitate personal change and foster a sense of empowerment in her clients.

    She is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and offers her full commitment and dedication to helping clients get to where they want to be.

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  • Les Watson

    Les has worked very closely with organisations across many industries for over 25 years. His success is due to his understanding that the difference between a good company and a great company lies in the quality of its people.

    Les Watson’s passion for excellence began in the hospitality industry. He grew up in the family hotel business and successfully worked his way up from porter to banquet manager.  He moved into the areas of health & fitness then personal development seminars. While employed by an international training company he personally topped the company's sales figures both nationally and internationally for several years running.

    He has worked extensively throughout Australia and South East Asia running dynamic training programs that have produced measurable results.

    Les’ depth of knowledge and skill come from:

    • 25 years practical experience and personal excellence in sales and customer service;
    • 25 years experience as a trainer, speaker and facilitator; and 25 years of study in self-management, coaching, motivation and communication techniques.

    He has a natural ability to inspire others to achieve high levels of excellence in customer service, sales, team work and personal leadership. Years of sporting achievement and coaching have given him proven techniques for motivating individuals and teams to create lasting positive change in all kinds of work environments and at all levels of management.

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  • Pete Holliday

    Peter is adaption expert, his key focus is on helping businesses and their leaders find new ways of working that can capitalize on the digital disruption caused by technology and the 21st Century. As a consultant and ex COO of one of Australia’s most creative organisational development firms. Pete assists businesses to find new ways to master and capture niche opportunities from emerging global trends.

    Bringing over 10 years of organisational development experience in developmental profiling, coaching, training, innovation and management. He is currently considered a thought leader in Australia within the context of  the future of executive leadership development and approaches. 

    His passion lies in helping leaders and business owners upgrade their thinking and approach to modern business by building strategic mindsets and a robust bottom line. He remains the director of two organisational development firms, and was the first Certified Master Integral coaching in Australia after studying in Canada for two years.

    Pete has worked in many varied industries including, Education, Finance, Not-For Profit, Mining, Philanthropy, Health, Legal and Retail. 

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  • Jem Switajewski

    Jem’s expertise is in leadership, consulting, executive and coaching, developing and delivering workshops for leaders and teams, Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling, and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

    Jem brings a professional and accessible approach to the education and training of leaders – from front line through to middle and senior levels – in critical capabilities for exceptional performance, including presenting, change management, influencing, strategy, sales, leadership and communication. He also provides great benefit on a personal level by offering highly effective mindset strategies, assisting individuals to perform at their optimum levels in any pursuit.

    Jem’s engaging and inspiring personal impact, along with his presentation skills and rich life experience, helps people resonate with the content delivered, thereby owning the tools taught and being able to immerse the strategies into their own style and methodology.

    Jem has a professional background in senior leadership with a multi-national retail/wholesale service provider, front line leadership in retail and construction, high end sales, international teaching, one-to-one coaching and one-to-many training and development. 

    On a personal level, his thirst for experience and knowledge has been the driving force to travel the globe extensively and immerse himself in foreign cultures and activities ranging from volunteering and teaching in third world countries, fire walking on hot coals, sky-diving, climbing in the Himalayas, becoming certified in various healing therapies, performing as an actor, fire dancer, singer/songwriter, and learning foreign languages and customs.

    Jem has certificates in Tourism, Front Line Management, Senior Management, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Extended DISC and a Diploma in Coaching.His unique passion and flair for communicating learnt life skills and success strategies, translates to value for clients in both corporate and community based demographics.

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  • Kim Bingham

    Managing Director of S3 Kim Bingham set out 10 years ago with the intention to make a positive difference in the community. Kim is passionate, dedicated and committed to uplifting others and helping individuals and businesses flourish.

    Kim built S3 based on the core services of recruitment and labour hire and expanded to further add value through the provision of business solutions delivered by specialists in their areas of expertise. Her realms of expertise and passions are sales, customer service, HR and leadership. Throughout her career she has accrued extensive practical experience across these areas and is able to subsequently share her experiences and learning with others.

    Kim is a keen student of personal development and has spent several years studying management, coaching, motivation, human/organisational behaviour, positive psychology and communication techniques. Through her comprehensive understanding of human behaviours Kim is able to connect with people at a deep level to understand their unique strengths and drivers and offer them self-awareness and insight to perform at their potential. 

    Kim is an excellent listener who gives people her complete presence and attention. In doing so, she is able to resonate with others to understand their needs and to offer support, clarity and strategies to help them thrive across all areas of their life.

    She has a natural ability to inspire and motivate others. Everyone who meets Kim is struck by her passion, enthusiasm, bubbly personality and contagious positivity. She has a zest for life and a passionate desire to uplift others and make a real difference.

    Kim is certified in PRISM Behavioural Profiling, Business Management, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Tourism and Training & Assessment.

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