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The last places of poor service

I believe that most businesses do not set out to give poor service, it just develops from poor culture and / or poor leadership. However there are a couple of places where the customer seems to still be taken for granted. These are places that we need to use and these businesses know that. So let me tell you about one.
I have had the need to use two different branches of one of the 'big four' banks in the last few weeks. In both cases the queue to use the single teller was over 10 customers (customers that the bank was taking for granted). These customers in many cases gave up and left the bank exasperated and were replaced by others that waited their turn.
In both branches the single teller remained focused on the task in front of them and did not look up or acknowledge that there was a queue. When they finally went 'out back' to find someone else - no body arrived. What was more infuriating was the person that did appear, walked behind the teller, asked a question and still ignored the queue and disappeared.
The solution is so simple.
- The teller needs to look up and acknowledge the queue
- Back up once called should arrive quickly - a customer comes first
- Don't walk out and ignore the queue - but apologise and serve
Why do I see this as a culture issue - on a third visit at opening time (why do banks still think in 2015 that 9.30 am is still appropriate) the branch did not open until 9.40 am - the apology offered was sincere. The reason....the Regional Manager was visiting and was holding a team meeting!!
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~Mark Edmonds

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