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Outsource Your Portfolio of Staff

Are you tired of dealing with staff and their inconsistencies? S3 can relieve you from the ongoing stresses associated with staffing. We offer a service in which we take on your staffing portfolio and control your personnel needs. This time saving, stress reducing partnership can allow you to focus on what the vision of your organisation is, knowing that we will provide exceptional human resources to help achieve your desired vision. S3 can take on your staffing requirements, no matter what the size.

Our Staffing Portfolio Package includes:

  •             Rostering
  •             Work Cover
  •             Pay Roll
  •             Public Liability / Public Indemnity
  •             HR Health Check
  •             OH&S Compliant Site Assessment and Employee OH&S  Inductions
  •             License / Qualification Management
  •             Performance Manage Your Staff to Ensure Peak Performance

Optional extras:

  •             Private and Accredited Training
  •             On Site Coaching
  •             Emotional Intelligence Testing
  •             Prism Brain Mapping
  •             Employee and Executive Coaching
  •             HR Consulting

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