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What Makes a Good Leader Great?

This blog was written by Jem Switajewski, an experienced leader who constantly seeks adventure and new challenges to overcome.

Jem has a professional background in senior leadership with a multi-national retail/wholesale service provider, front line leadership in retail and construction, high end sales, international teaching, one-to-one coaching and one-to-many training and development. 


There are many attributes and character traits that lend themselves well to leadership. There are different leadership styles that are effective. There are only a few abilities that set great leaders apart from the pack, and stand them out as truly inspirational and creative.

One of these is the ability to ‘lead with a servant’s heart’.  This means the ability to innovate, process, respond, act and behave with the organisations people, mission, vision and values at the forefront. This is easier said than done.

Leaders are after all human, and the vast majority of us behave more from a place of Ego than we are even aware. This in itself is fine; it is what it is. But in the context of highly effective leadership, reacting to our environment from a place of defending or maintaining one’s sense of identity is not only ineffective, it can be dysfunctional and counter-productive.

As the function of the Ego is to create and bolster a sense of identity separate from our environment, and staunchly defend this fabricated persona, having an awareness of this, creates the option to choose to respond differently to our environment.

In short, as a leader increases their level of self-awareness, they improve their ability to self manage. This allows them to make it about the people around them, rather than make it about themselves.

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