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S3 and the Living List


S3 are proud to be affiliated with Liz Horsley's brilliant initative to help people live more fulfulling lives through her Living List

Elizabeth is a professional investment banker with over 12 years' experience in the finance industry. One of Elizabeth's many career highlights was building a multi-million dollar finance fund in less than 12 months.

What is the Living List?

Living List Online is the new online portal that will inspire you to start living for NOW.

As an antidote to the often unattainable bucket list, Living List has been designed as an inspiring and secure online environment where you can create your own list for living - and ensure you achieve it.

Why wait to start ticking off your bucket list when you're dying, when you can achieve your Living List right now?


Living List Membership

The Living List membership provides access to great features and motivational tools that enable you to; Create your own living list, add photos of your Living List goals, share photos of your experiences, keep a running tally, be inspired by others, exclusive access to some great offers and services from Living List's range of business partners.


S3's facilitators Les Watson and Melanie Kearsey will be supporting the Living List initative by co-facilitating a segment of Elizabeth's 2 day workshop to kick-start the exploration process for members. 

More to come on this - watch this space!!!

Get your free copy of Elizabeth's ebook Sex for Groceries

In her new book Sex for Groceries Elizabeth Horsley reveals her life-changing approach to achieving emotional and financial happiness.

Elizabeth's innate desire to mentor and encourage women to achieve meaningful and healthy lives inspired her to create Living List and additionally write Sex for Groceries.

Download the free e-book via the weblink below. Access code is S4GS3.

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