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Signs, signs everywhere are signs....

Why is it that a business seems to think that an issue they may have can be solved by putting up a sign. There is nothing worse than approaching a retailer and being greeted with 'Shop lifters will be prosecuted' or ' No food and drink' or 'Keep children under control'. To me these are all screaming keep away customers we do not want your business. The worst offenders seem to be the health industry, especially Doctors surgeries. I was waiting at a surgery the other day and to kill time I looked at all the notices around the walls and doors and these were as follows.

- Please report to reception (3 signs)

- Please supervise kids (2 signs) 

- Drink fountain cups at reception (2 signs) 

- If you have been waiting for more than 30 minutes go to reception (2 signs)

- Turn off mobiles (3 signs)

- How can we improve our service please give us constructive ideas (1 sign)

Plus another 7 or 8 signs about flu, health etc. 

I can understand how they have evolved. An issue with cups being played with by children has led to them being removed and a sign going up as to where to get the cups plus a sign on behaviour. But honestly who actually reads these signs. Would it not be far more customer friendly to have bright attractive posters about health and wellbeing or just decoration to make us the patients feel comfortable rather than imply we are all back at kindergarten and need to behave. It shows that the process and dealing with issues and customers is not thought out. It would be simple for the person putting up the signs to ask themselves or bounce off someone else in the business

How would I feel if this was directed at me?

Like all customer service it is about how you would like to be treated as a customer. This could lead to a less unpleasant customer experience and one more customer centric.

Have a look next time you are out and about - what signs do you see that reflect poor customer service?

Mark Edmonds

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